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Game of fanstasmas written in 3 hours, presented in ectocomp 2017: https://itch.io/jam/ectocomp17lpm

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Clara, your wife. You should carry a sad life as a disconsolate widower, but since you started dating Matilda a few months ago [...]

Published Oct 27, 2017

Install instructions

You can play the game directly on the kunludi.com page (recommended).

To play locally, you must download the game engine and follow the steps indicated in the engine to add the game.

If you indicate , on the kunludi website, your username in the tab "Together" you can play in a collaborative way with other players, and you can chat with them.

As it is a multilingual game, players who are in the same session of the game will be able to see the same game in different languages.


venganza.zip 15 kB

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